Room Addition & Remodeling

Room/Bedroom Addition:
Whether your family is growing and you need more bedrooms or you need a bigger space for entertaining Nico Designs can design and build the extra space for you.  How much room you can actually add depends on your lot size and what city you reside in.  Every city is different and has their own formulas on figuring out the maximum livable space.  We do the leg work for you and figure out what you can or cannot do.  Room addition is a great financial investment since the cost of constructing the addition is generally less than the resale value of the addition, you generally gain with an addition.

Kitchen Remodeling:
Kitchen remodeling can be a great investment for you as most Realtors will tell you that you will get all your money back when you invest in a new kitchen.  Not only you will enjoy an updated kitchen with new appliances, you will get that money back when you sell your home in the future. Meanwhile you enjoy a beautiful new kitchen which is usually the focal point of every home.

Bathroom Addition or Remodeling:
A dream master bathroom will put you in a great mood every morning when you step into your new remodeled bathroom.  Bathroom remodeling same as kitchen remodeling will pay for itself if you ever sell your home.  If you have a growing family especially with teenagers a bathroom addition can make life much easier on you and the children.

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